Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love, Amore - An Italian Journey

My recent journey back home to Italia, gave me some real 'live, in living color' understanding of the meaning of the word love.

In Vicenza, Italia, my daughter, Francesca lives with her husband Giovanni and their two children, Riccardo (8yrs old) and Maria Cristina(2yrs old).  Francesca had left the world of New York City, Greenwich Village where  raised to go back to the town of Vicenza t, where she was born.

Letting her go was so very hard to do, but the spiritual way, of loving and letting go was a Truth that I had to follow with her again.  

I flew to Venezia and from there it's only 45 minutes by car to Vicenza. 

I was excited and yet not sure how it would be/feel for me to with Francesca, the family,and friends again. Almost two years had gone by since my last visit and this time I was to stay at the family villa which I had sold with my Italian relatives when my husband and his mother and father had passed away some years ago. Francesca and her husband had recently bought the villa back and beautifully restored.

This villa was the only home I ever had with husband Francesco, Francesca and Mama,Papa. They had passed out of body many years ago, and here I am going back 'home' again. I now have the children in my arms, loving and kissing me.  I am happy to be 'home' at last.

The first night I slept in the villa I woke-up suddenly around 3PM. I felt a pull of Energy calling me to go to the large salon living room, which was always my most favorite room in the villa.

When I came into the large room with panorama windows, I just stood there in this room that has the most incredible Italian countryside view. 

I stood and opened my arms wide, and called out loud to Francesco, Mama and Papa.

               I am here now.
               I am home.

I then waited to 'hear' or sense their response, answer to my call.

In a few minutes, I felt a great wave, likes warm waves of Unconditional Love bathing over my body from head to toe. I felt them close to me. And then I heard in my inner Soul space them saying to me 'yes you are here Katrina and we are so happy that  you are 'home' at last!

Now it felt to me that my love for Francesco, Mama and Papa had come full circle.

I felt more complete, that this connecting with them right here had given us all another deep level of Soul closure. It was a way for the three of us and Francesca to be more Soul Free. Free from whatever Karmic ties of this lifetime and perhaps other lifetimes had held us.

My prayers that I had in my heart for so many years felt to me to be answered.

We are All Free at last to love and move on with our lives.

                                                                                      Love to you all . . . Katrina

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saying Hello and Goodbye

Dear Friends, I just recently made another trip down to Maryland to be part of a final send off for my brother Bill who just passed on to his new life in Spirit.

In a way I dreaded the idea of making this trip. I guess because in my heart I had made my peace
with him on my last visit a few weeks before. But in my meditations, my Master Teacher's had
made it very clear to me of the importance of my trip and to expect something
of spiritual importance to take place for me there.

Upon arriving at Bill's home, my sweet friend Eileen, Bill's English wife came towards me as I walked into their house. She greeted me with a loving voice and my heart felt happy to see her face again.
Standing there I also knew I was present to honor Bill and give Eileen love.

Sitting now in the front pew of the Church, I am starting to experience waves of Peaceful Energy
even as Bill's coffin is being brought down the aisle draped in the American flag, Bill had served in three wars:
                                                World War 11, Korea and Vietnam.

I realized as I watched his coffin being escorted by four men in velvet capes,white feather plums in their hats, swords at their sides, that Bill was also a Knight of Columbus and the knights came to honor and give a formal send-off to their fellow knight, Bill.

After the service began, I hear loving prayers being prayed for Bill, then member's of the family come forward to talk about their father, who was also a great friend to many.
In this Church Bill's will leave and go on his last Earth bound journey to the place he had chosen to rest.
Most importantly he has been re-born in his Soul's true spiritual body.

I looked over my shoulder during the service and saw my other brother,David sitting there looking so sad
and often crying.
Seeing him like this only increased the Energies of Love and Compassion in me. Brother David was a person in my life, I've always felt a bit distant and not really connected to.. I know we both had many reasons why we did not speak or see each other for a long,long time. Last time I remember seeing him was at my mother's funeral many moons ago.

Sitting here in this Church I am amazed with the feelings I'm experiencing maybe for the first time in my life of real love and compassion flowing from me to David.

For sure some kind of a healing miracles has happened here today for me. I hear now the voice of the the Priest who out loud says a prayer,then ending by asking us all to share the Peace of God with the person/person's that may be close to us.
At this moment I feel a strong pull to get out of my pew and go over to David. When I get close to him, I put my arms around him,gently give him a hug.

For me I can say in this moment it's a time of  Redemption for me.
In some way it's a new beginning with him and other Souls in my life, a time I can express and share deeper levels of Unconditional Love with all souls.
I see it as a Crisis of Opportunity to open my heart, give and let myself be open to become a more
unconditionally loving Child of God.

Several months ago, I was invited by my Master Teacher's in one of my meditations, to work on healing my relationship issues with all of my four brother's.
Clearly it was time for me to say yes to what I was being asked to do.
This invitation to do this particular healing work them came to me months before
I was ever given notice of Bill's grave physical condition.

At the time it seemed a bit crazy to me to be given this healing/working assignment.
It's not until now when I'm sitting in this Church and seeing/feeling the pain of David than I can hear in my Soul his call for love.
I am experiencing new levels of crystal clarity of why I'm here and it's all about my healing and others.

Memories cross my mind of the last time I saw Bill alive and the new levels in my life of some kind of  peace  that I finally came to have with him..
Before saying goodbye I gifted him and Eileen a copy of my book   Don't Let Me Drift Too Far
and shared with them pictures in the book of me during different times in my life's healing journey's.

Later when driving away with Fred, I was very much in-touch with a sense of deep relief and feeling  free from my past. There is still a lot more healing to be put in place with my relationships, especially with my brother's. I wish that all the relationships in my life were in a complete state of wholeness, and healed.
But the reality is that I'm in a process that goes on in this lifetime of mine. I must trust that whatever healing possible for me to process will take place.

Dear friends, today I want to Celebrate the great gifts of healing I've had in my life up until today.
Perhaps this helps to shine more Light on a great spiritual Truth that the healing I have experienced during
my crisis of opportunity comes directly from the force of the Love Energy of the Divine.

My story is the same story for all Souls here in body, who can choose to heal their lives by the opening
of one's heart and mind to the Force of the Divine that's always Present and available to work
with us in our lives.

I share with you love of my Soul to your Soul
                                                     always, Katrina

Friday, May 13, 2011

Loving & Letting Go

I write you celebrating today this Friday the 13th of May, 2011
I love the number 13, it's always been an auspicious Energy Number for me.

In these days I've had strange feelings and pulls about detaching with the ones I love.
For sure it's not easy to do,
It's about me learning to let go of the people I love, no matter who they are because as Souls they do not 'belong' to me or anyone else.

I am finding on my soul's journey that it takes great courage,with deep levels of commitment
to live in ways of loving detachment.

In my human mind I may think that these pulls of attachment are about the other person.
But I've come to understand in my life that it's really about me.

Many Eastern Higher Wisdom Paths teach the Truth that the Pain one experiences in life often comes from  resisting what is and not allowing oneself to accept oneself or what another soul may be or doing in their life at the time.

This Truth, I am asked to apply and work with in All of my relationships.

Only by using the application and tools I've been taught in my spiritual practices, especially
the practice of meditation,will I find the Ways of realizing more understanding and pathways to Peace.

When I experience Peace then I will also experience real Soul clarity.
It's from this spiritual space, I can see clearly the Light of the Divine shining in my soul and
shining in all other soul's I meet by Divine Assignments in my life.

The Purpose of my life I know is to bring more Light into my life and all my relationships.
I am only here to learn how to love myself and all other's unconditionally.

                                       Love and blessings to you      Katrina

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'll be 'live' at the Psychic & Holistic Fair at Gurney's Inn, Montauk New York April 16

Dear Friends,
I will be a featured Psychic at Gurney's Inn  Psychic & Holistic Fair, Saturday April 16, 10am to 5pm.

Recently at Gurney's I spent some time swimming in their sea water pool overlooking the ocean and
it's here i have been able to tap into deeper levels of relaxing my body/mind/soul.

I love all the natural beauty of being in a beautiful space on the ocean like Gurney's.

This Saturday, throughout the day I will be giving channeled readings, answering your questions on relationships,career always with the focus of being of Service to you and being on a journey with  you of discovering ways of experiencing new channels of mind/body/soul healing.

I know it will an exciting day, with many different levels of Psychic/Paranormal Energy life affirming experiences.

I am always open to Serve, as I know All our meetings are always by Divine Appointment.
                                                       Blessings of Light/Love to you all    Katrina

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On the Road to Soul Vision

Blank spaces, open space, pre-spring time for deeper levels of Inner subjective work and healing.

I need to 'see' more clearly where,what I am as a Soul to do
My heart desires to find out more about my Soul's Purpose while I'm here in my body which
lives in the Hampton's, by the water's edge.

In my life's journey time, I've always been attracted to living on the 'edge'of new discoveries,new ways to create, think and be.

This is a time in a special way for a, Renaissance of the Soul, discovering new levels of
understanding,clarity and self-healing.

Today I feel more ready to open my heart and mind-self,looking to embrace who I really am.
I am a Soul here to experience new levels of Unconditional Love and Soul healing. The Divine asks me to
let go of fears,doubts and negative thoughts and feelings.

I desire to live consciously in more Light and Love, expanding my Soul into new channels of this Love that's always flowing out to me and you.
The Purpose to receive Love and share it with other Souls.

Blessings of Light/Love         Katrina

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time for the veil between this dimension and Spirit World to be very, very close

I can feel the Energy field building between our world that we live in and that of those souls/spirits who have moved on and out of body. I'm very sensitive to the time on and before Halloween when my Italian husband Francesco passed on.

It's all described in detail in my recent book Don't Let Me Drift Too Far and how Francesco chose to leave this dimension and leave his body to live in another time and space.

So I celebrate his birth into a New Life, which has made me more aware of the sacred energy that's available a few days before All Souls Day called by many Halloween.
It's a very highly charged special time when this sacred energy is available and in place to work for other souls to work with. We are on a lifetime journey to learn and be in touch with who we really are
children of Light/Love and Divine Power.

I am always Divinely Guided

I wonder where I am?
I know from my soul self any looking out into the future is really quite futile.
Now I must focus on myself,go within to be able to clearly 'see' with my Soul Vision.

We live in a world of much chaos that is calling out for more Light Love and Inspiration.

The deepest level of my soul has a great desire to be of help and Service to others.
I have a heart desire to help other Souls expand into the Love the Light then moving out of fear to love. Leaving the personality illusions of fear and finding true Soul Love.

So it's a day of Sun and much snow.
A perfect day to go within  reflect and find the crystal clarity of my Life's Purpose.

Here in the calm and place of true peace of the soul is where I will find the answers to my questions
like why am I here?
What am I to do at this time that Serves the Divine Plan of my life and others.

If you like you can join me on this journey of self-discovery.
It is the call of each and every soul who has agreed to come into body at this time.

Together we move forward into the Light on a kind of Yellow Brick Road of soul discovery.
We are asked to be patient with ourselves, others as we move down this soul road with more clarity
taking it step by step.

So I leave for now, remember we are always close Soul to Soul    
                                                              Blessings,       Katrina

P S  I am open to share more with you, hear your insights, impressions of the spiritual stories on my blog
and find out more about you and the amazing spiritual journey's you are on.
I am also to answer any questions you have focused on the spiritual aspects of my life and yours.